Nomee Steel mainly manufactures Grade 40 and Grade 60 steel bars as per international ASTM standards.

One of the major elements in construction is steel, it comprehends 40% of a project’s total cost. We understand every project is different and can have specific requirements which is why we make sure that custom modifications are available for all our clients along with 24-hour delivery system.

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The introduction of Grade 40 rebars bring with it the required strength and cost of construction value which were not attainable in the past. Moreover, the use of Grade 40 rebars strengthen structures in a way that mitigates the risk of damage caused by natural calamities or other factors.

Properties Of GRADE 40 Steel Bars:

To provide consumers with a reliable means of gauging the suitability of specific products for specific applications, all rebar products are standardized and graded. Rebar with a grade 40 designation offers a minimum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch and conforms to ASTM A-615 performance standards. Its metric counterpart is grade 280 rebar, with an equivalent minimum yield strength of 280 megapascals. This makes grade 40 rebar an excellent choice for light- to medium-duty concrete reinforcing applications.


  • High strength
  • Better formability
  • Durability
  • Seismic resilience
  • High-performance reinforcement
  • Economical


As deformed bar grade 40 are rods of steels provided with lugs, ribs or deformation on the surface of the bar, these bars minimize slippage in concrete and increase the bond between the two materials. Deformed bars have more tensile stresses than that of mild steel plain bars. These bars can be used without end hooks. The deformation should be spaced along the bar at substantially uniform distances. To limit cracks that may develop in reinforced concrete around mild steel bars due to stretching of bars and some loss of bond under load it is common to use deformed bars that have projecting ribs or are twisted to improve the bond with concrete.